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Before yesterday’s elections, the People’s Party was hoping to win and take control of Moncloa. PSOE returns to continue in government. Popular win. Socialism is back. The result: there may be a blockade due to the lack of a clear majority and a repeat of the elections. nothing new.

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government in the air

Win PP, but…Spain stops Meloni wave“, after yesterday’s general election. Not for less. PP wins but less than expected and doesn’t add up to Vox either; Sanchez and Sumar stuck but it depends on who actually said I did not see him

political blockade Thus, at this time, the most reasonable scenario, therefore, the government is in the air, and pattern repeat in Spanish politics for nearly a decade. Feijóo says so He will try to take the lead. We’ll see.

Those who know more about the “kitchen” Moncloa concludes But “the blockade is back.” They add: “And Princess Leonor shall swear the constitution in October.” Whichever way you look at it, the scenario is complex. Even for Sanchez, who has experienced it before.

And also

Results of the 23rd general election in Catalonia


Catalonia becomes in the center From the formula for forming the government after 23-J. vote for independence, although there are fewer, will be the key to try to form a government. Now is the time to manage each other’s expectations. It is difficult to reconcile them.

The second roomThe Senate, which had long needed to be reformed so that it would function fully as a chamber of regional representation, was also contested in the elections. No surprises here: common get the absolute majority After the castile sweep.

2 vigo sanchez combo

Combo Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Nunez Figo

He wrapped

See the numbers in detail Everything is complicated, it is accepted. Therefore, these days the pactometer will become a regular ubiquitous attempt to imagine and/or implement a majority in one sense or another. These are all possible combinations.

tension between communities Don’t look down. The new tax cut in succession for many autonomy puts pressure on the rest. La Valenciana, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and La Rioja announced this. Will Catalonia and others remain? Tax islands? More doubts.



Jordi Martinez, Director of Financial Education

Libert’s Tikido / Propeas

Jordi Martinez, Director of Financial Education. “On TikTok, tips for getting rich are given without shame.” Read it here.

In other news

Odessa (Ukraine), 07/23/2023.  An interior view of the Transfiguration Cathedral, damaged by a missile attack in Odessa region, southern Ukraine, July 23, 2023. Odessa was attacked by 19 missiles of different classes in early July 23, with nine shot down, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Air Force.  The state emergency service stated that at least one person was killed in the attack and 22 were injured, including four children.  Russia, which began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, recently withdrew from a UN-Turkey-brokered agreement guaranteeing safe passage of Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea and began mass bombing of the city of Odessa, granaries, agricultural businesses and seaports.  (Russia, Turquía, Ucrania) EFE / EPA / IGOR TKACHENKO

An interior view of the Transfiguration Cathedral, which was damaged by a missile attack in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine

Igor Tkachenko / Ev

The war never stops. In Ukraine, not a day goes by without tragic news. This weekend we were talking about anti-Russian resistance in the occupied territories, which still exists to What B. So are the Russian attacks Even against the historical heritage.

10 years after the Alfia accident It’s all cold sweats: The trial ends on Thursday, but there are still years until a final ruling is issued; The data on the accident is still among the “scarce” figures. Political arrangements still determine everything.

Another look

Barbie Digital Patio

Jessica Goicoechea joins the Barbie phenomenon

Barbie phenomenon It doesn’t stop and the celebrity makes a match with clothing label Barbicore where pink heels and spinning tops are a “must”. A new world is being born, moving from cinema to Instagram and from here to the street. who will come.



Claire Ducros, Bellarina

Manny Espinosa / En

Claire Ducreux, a contemporary dancer who performs poetry in the street. “We are fortunate, not because we have it but to have it.” Read it here.


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