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Last night’s final debate between the two main candidates took place on 23-J without Feijóo, who declined to be. Sanchez, Diaz and Abascal put it on target “without being too noticeable”. If fatal or not and to whom it will be announced on Sunday. Aside: more problems due to the heat.

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Corresponding effect four and three

Balls on the wall. The debate that took place last night on public radio and television between Sanchez, Diaz and Abascal Feijóo’s absence was announced It can’t be anything other than A clash between the fronts. One perimeter and the other clear.

Who won the debate? It’s the question that comes up with the most knowledge of its potential impact on voting in Sunday’s general election, i.e. none… The various notes from the analysts boil down to Everyone comes out alive, even the absent.

It was not immediately clear what effect it would have on Sunday. can be empty. Or a key, if it all depends on a few votes. Meanwhile, an epilogue shot off and was repeated for a long time: “dominate in the short term for the election cycle and seems to be abandoning major reforms.”

in other news

Heat wave in Barcelona

Alex Garcia / En

The heat does not subsidewe said yesterday, and today the same thing is repeated (although somewhat filtered) and we added: Emotions became because of him Epidemic summer, which fill in emergencies as in winter colds. can be prevented.

Ukraine runs out of the port Safe to export their grain across the Black Sea, another bump in the viability of the key agri-food industry for many others. Russia bombs its stations Putin is tightening his isolation.

photo XAVIER CERVERA 01/13/2023 Sunday Community Opening Topic: Age is no longer useful for defining aging.  People who are 65, 70, or 75 are now more than adults.  They do not fit the etiquette and stereotypes of the elderly or the elderly.  They are men and women who deal with new technologies, who wear fashion, who are progressive, who work hard, who are active in sports, who want to enjoy life, learn, collaborate, travel, meet people... I will need a daily photo, for on the street, a couple or people It is from this age group that they convey the idea of ​​the report.

Old man riding a bike

Xavier Cervera / En

There are “elderly” They are defined by having better memory, mental health, and agility than the rest at the age of 80, and stand out, according to science, as having Subscriber to an active lifestyle Middle-aged independent, sleep quality, musical training?

Europe threatens American hegemony. In the Women’s Soccer World Cup that begins today in Australia and New Zealand. England, Spain, Sweden or Germany face the four-time champions. This is how each one arrives. s This is how their stars arrive.


Claudia Ulloa, Peruvian journalist

Claudia Ulloa, Peruvian journalist

Ana Jimenez / En

Claudia Oluwa Donoso, Writer. Language can save us. Read it here.

And also

The arrival of “Oppenheimer” in Spanish cinemas

Cinemas come alive Before the movie premiere Barbie y Oppenheimertwo highly anticipated titles that are also expected to hit the box office. Critics associate them with others who with a pronounced spanish accent, completed a week full of attractions at the seventh art.

There are beaches and beaches And you It is defined as very blue, ie There are ten unique in the world That this time of year just makes you want to travel. One of Formentera slips between them!

Another look


Worker pressure washes the NASA logo


It’s the end of NASA As we know it when there is an obvious commercial space race, or what is the same, led by private companies among which SpaceX is the model to follow. It opens many opportunities…and many more dangers…


Pablo Simón Cusano (Arnedo, 1985) is a Spanish political scientist and political commentator.  Specializes in party systems and electoral systems.

Pablo Simón Cusano, Spanish political scientist and commentator.

Danny Dutch

Pablo Simon, political scientist. “Sanchez Against All” is wrong: He sells his government work more. ” Read it here.

Louis Amiguit

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