The Supreme Court ordered that a statement be taken from MP Clara Ponsati and her subsequent release

Former chancellor Clara Ponsati, at Casa Vicenç, in a photo shared on her social networks.

Supreme Court Justice Pablo Larena, case coach practical, agreed on Monday in an order that it will be the Barcelona Court of the Guard to take an investigative statement from the former Catalan chancellor Clara Ponsati, who was prosecuted for insubordination, and held by Mossos de Escuadra on the order of the judge, as reported by the court itself. To this end, he attached to his order a list of questions to Ponsati in this proceeding, ordered Ponsati’s subsequent release, and the cancellation of the arrest warrant, which had been agreed upon at the time.

Jones MEP Clara Ponsati The political scene shook again The day after the general election. The former Minister of Culture was arrested on Rue Count Borel on Monday when she was visiting Barcelona, ​​and has been taken to the Ciutat de la Justicia. Ponsati herself announced this on her Twitter account, a point confirmed to this newspaper by police sources. Member of the European Parliament, who is fleeing Spanish justice for her participation in practicalHe confirmed early Monday morning that he was in Barcelona. Despite the fact that he had an outstanding arrest warrant, issued by Judge Pablo Larena, for refusing to appear to testify.

To take advantage of the morning splendor, I strolled over to Casa Vicenç [un edificio modernista en el barrio de Gràcia de Barcelona]. As long as we are still here, Catalonia will continue to hold out. Good morning, Barcelona! Ponsati wrote on his Twitter account. On similar occasions, his entourage refused to comment on whether he was actually in Catalonia or whether it was a photograph published after his stay. But on this occasion, party sources and the defense of the European Parliament – practiced by the criminal Gonzalo Boye – confirmed their presence in Barcelona.

The Ponsati movement arrives the day after the general election that made Junts a major player, with his seven deputies in Congress, to allow the eventual inauguration of Pedro Sánchez. The party’s executive director meets this afternoon to decide on the matter, although the president of the list, Miriam Nogueras, had already warned Sunday night about the formation of Carles Puigdemont. You wouldn’t make Sanchez president ‘for nothing’.

In June, the examining magistrate V.N practicalPablo Larina He issued a national arrest warrant against Ponsati Because he “willfully and unreasonably” neglected his obligation to appear before the Supreme Court in April. The former counselor is being tried for the crime of disobedience after the amendment of the Penal Code, which abolished the crime of sedition. Disobedience is a crime punishable only by dispossession, not imprisonment, which prevents Llarena from issuing a European order. On the other hand, he could do it if Ponsati ignored (as he did) the obligation to appear in court.

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Judge Larina made the decision, according to the court, “considering that the defendant’s reluctance to submit to the inevitable investigative statement nullifies any attempt to summon her to freely appear.” As assessed, to agree that he finally testifies in Barcelona, ​​that a referral to the police to the Supreme Court would mean an extension of his deprivation of liberty for an offense that does not provide for penalties of this kind.

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