The Supreme ends the investigation so that Ponsati can stand trial for insubordination

The judge of the Supreme Court investigating the case that followed the independence process of Catalonia, Pablo Larena, has completed the investigation in relation to the MEP of Gones, Clara Ponsati Considering that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute her for the crime of disobedience. In the car, which EL PAÍS gains access to, the judge points out that once the necessary procedures have been carried out, no further investigation is deemed necessary. And the coach mentions that Ponsati, who was tried in absentia, was arrested on Monday in Barcelona, ​​​​and after the investigation, a statement was issued notifying her of her prosecution. He was temporarily released.

The reform of the Criminal Code, which abolished the crime of sedition and amended the crime of embezzlement, forced Larina to reconsider the trial of the defendants. Fugitive independence leaders After the failed declaration of independence in October 2017, including Ponsati. Up until that point, the former chancellor had been prosecuted for sedition – an offense punishable by 10 to 15 years in prison and disqualification – but now she is being prosecuted only for insubordination, punishable by disqualification and a fine.

Ponsati had been subpoenaed by Judge Larena this past April to notify him of his prosecution, however MEP Junts stopped him claiming he was in Belgium on business. Then his lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, informed the court that he would not appear because he was working in the European Parliament and because he had applied for judicial protection in that institution, claiming that he was protected by “parliamentary immunity”.

MEPs announced early Monday morning that she was in Barcelona, Despite the fact that he had an outstanding arrest warrant, issued by Judge Pablo Larena, for refusing to appear to testify. His visit to Barcelona and his arrest came the day after the elections of 23J, in which Juntes became his own party. in a major playerwith his seven deputies in Congress, to Eventually allowing the installation of Pedro Sanchez.

Ponsati, former Minister of Education during the presidency of Carles Puigdemont, fled to Belgium in November 2017. The following year She resigned her seat in the Catalan parliament and moved to the United Kingdom to become a professor at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland. When she took office as chancellor, Ponsati was also the National Secretary of the National Assembly of Catalonia (ANC).

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