The work of Anna Belén will be performed in Ubud after its cancellation in Jaén by PP and Jaén Deserves More

Just one day after the meeting Suspension of work Romeo and Juliet wake up By the local government of Jaén, made up of PP and Jaén Merece Más (JM +), the government team of the neighboring city of Ubud, from PSOE, responds and announces the contract to work championship Anna Belin On the 28th of October next. “This radical movement from the avowed right-wing parties has already reached the province and is manifested through the censorship of this act in the capital of Jaén,” lamented the Mayor of Culture of Abeda, Elena Rodríguez.

The play, starring Ana Belén and Jesús Noguero, was included at the last minute in the programming of Obidha’s Autumn Theatrical Show after it was learned that it had been pulled from the cultural programming of Jaén. “Once we found out, we knew we had to bring such an important work to the city of Úbeda,” said Rodriguez.

For Elena Rodriguez, “It is disturbing to see how, in recent months, Most radical political movements ban culturecreating a certain instability and insecurity for society, cutting off the rights of citizens, imposing their absolute ideology.

Actress and singer Anna Belin, during the graphic screening of “Romeo and Juliet Wake Up,” last April.ZIPI ARAGON (EFE)

And the book Ubetense Culture asserts: “The censorship was not on the work itself, but rather from its translators, specifically the actress Anna Belen, who is a cultural reference for women inside and outside our country, whose roots may go back to the demonstrations that she carried out against the censorship that was taking place with theatrical works the other.” The counselor encouraged the citizens to attend the theatrical performance Romeo and Juliet wake up “For the enjoyment of culture, but also as an act that claims to defend it, as society has to react to the reductions in rights and freedoms that are beginning to suffer.”

Meanwhile, the former socialist government of Jian announced the documents presented by the bid promoter on May 3 in front of the party’s online headquarters. Jaen City Hall, which corroborates and gives documentary evidence of the dialogue with the Consistory to represent this work. The document calls for the transfer of the Municipal Theater and the inclusion of the production in the Autumn Festival, but it does not ask for any economic consideration that would require a contract.

“PP and Jaén Deserves More are lying when they assert that there is no documentation and contact with the promoter,” said the former cultural advisor from Jaén, José Manuel Higueras. In his opinion, the two government partners of Jian know how cultural performances are contracted and the deadlines for the festival itself. “Wanting to use that tortured smoke screen to cover up the controversy that arose with the cancellation of this unresponsive play coincidentally.”

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