They force a man to wear a “Que te vote Txapote” shirt inside out to vote

The head of a polling station at Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion College, in the Chamartín district of Madrid, forced a middle-aged man to wear a T-shirt with the slogan “Que te vote Txapote” inside out to exercise his right to vote in General elections from this Sunday.

As EFE was able to verify, the man went to the polling station minutes before 11 am wearing a black T-shirt with the aforementioned phrase written in the colors of the national flag, something prohibited by the Central Electoral Council (JEC).

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Enrique Juliana

Last Thursday, the Joint Economic Committee made it clear that it was forbidden to go to vote with a piece of clothing bearing this slogan, and reminded voters that electoral propaganda cannot be carried out in and around schools.

He responded to an inquiry sent to him by the Jaén County Police Station after messages spread on social networks encouraging voters to go to schools with a shirt with this phrase and the shield of the Spanish state.

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Jordi Gowan

POLA DE SIERO (ASTURIAS), 07/22/2023. - Photo of a ballot box placed at the polling station this Saturday, ahead of voting on the occasion of tomorrow's general elections, in Pola de Siro (Asturias)

While waiting his turn, the man placed a backpack across the front of his shirt that hid the slogan “Que te vote Txapote”.

But before handing over the identity document to the members of the polling station, he revealed the shirt when he put the backpack on his back, and at that time several interlocutors reminded the head of the polling station that he could not cast his vote while showing such a logo.

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The head of government and Socialist candidate for re-election, Pedro Sanchez, exercises his right to vote, accompanied by his wife, Begonia Gomez

For this reason, the person responsible for the table asked the voter to wear the shirt inside out—with the crest on the inside—to deposit the envelopes in the ballot boxes.

After exercising his right to vote, the man cut the sleeve of an SWP meddler, and left the polling station.

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