Together and the ERC they reach an agreement to organize the Catalan Confederation of Municipalities

Catalonia and Esquerá Republiana together agreed to govern the Catalan Confederation of Municipalities (ACM) together, following the result of the municipal elections in the 28-M when both formations received an amount of more than 700 mayors in Catalonia.

The agreement stipulates that the person who heads the ACM will be proposed by Junts and the ERC will propose the vice-president, according to a statement from Junts, indicating that the agreement “represents a clear commitment to the municipality on the part of both parties.”

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Junts and the ERC highlight the “unification of the ACM as a standard for local entities in providing services, advice and training for elected representatives and local technicians and also as an entity that better defends the interests of the municipality ahead of other departments”.

The Association of Catalan Municipalities has a history of 37 years and has more than 900 associated municipalities.

The signed text includes that both parties will also propose to merge representatives of other parties with the municipality being in the Presidential Committee and the Executive Committee. Junts and ERC have a similar number of presidencies for local ACM-related entities, about 35% of the total each.

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