Trias excludes the claim of the Barcelona mayoralty for Sanchez’s investment

The results of last Sunday’s general elections left a scenario in which Junts is key to the eventual inauguration of Pedro Sanchez a few weeks after the PSC took over the Barcelona mayoralty with the votes of both ECP and PP. The mayor’s office could be a bargaining chip during the negotiations between Junts and the PSOE, but Xavier Trias, Junts’ candidate for Barcelona City Council, ruled out this option.

In an interview with RAC1, Trias asserted that “things should not be mixed up” and defined the prospect as “strange political musings that lead nowhere”.

Junts support conditions

Trias asks Sanchez to ‘think about what he would give to achieve four lucrative years for Catalonia’

The former mayor of Barcelona defended that the negotiations with Sanchez for the inauguration were “serious”, and that despite the fact that he had been “from the beginning, saying we should never do it”, his support “depends on the conditions”. Trias asked the PSOE to consider “what to offer to achieve four profitable years for Catalonia”, and challenged Sánchez to take the Junts’ “know the conditions” approach. “They have to ask us for help, which requires certain conditions and ways of working,” he added.

Trias also assessed the situation of the Barcelona mayor’s office, which he described as “something inconsequential”. According to the Junts’ candidate, Collboní “cheated the electorate”, and now must decide if he wants to support “Colau or Trias” during the legislature.

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Maas calls for a “minimum common strategy” for negotiations with the SWP

The former President of the General, Artur Mas, assessed yesterday on Onda Cero the position of his party regarding the possible inauguration of Sanchez. Maas asked ERC and Junts for a “minimal joint strategy” though he asserted that he was “not very confident” that that would happen.

The ex-president recommended the Catalan party “not be in a hurry” because Sanchez must first talk to the parties that were already part of the coalition government during the last legislature. “You first have to see the price and the consequences of all these agreements,” Maas said.

The former president admitted that the independence movement “didn’t get a good score” in last Sunday’s general election, but asserted that Catalan parties now have “control power” to decide Sanchez’s inauguration. Mas does not recommend a repeat of the elections but sees it as “the most likely scenario”, because without the support of Juntes, Pedro Sánchez will not be able to reaffirm a coalition government.

Boras also asks ERC to “join forces”

In the same line of pro-independence unity, Laura Boras, president of the Junts, asked for a “joining of forces” to achieve her goal. The electoral results of 23-J do not allow the Junts or the ERC to form their own parliamentary group (at least 15 MPs are required), which is why Borràs demanded that the Junts create an “independent group in Congress” to “work together”

In connection with the negotiations with the Socialist Party, the former Speaker of Parliament announced an amnesty and a referendum on self-determination as conditions of her support for Sánchez. “We have come to achieve everything,” Porras, who wanted to transfer the pressure to Sanchez, added: “He is obliged to explore all avenues.”

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