Turnout in Catalonia is 36.78%, as of 2:00 p.m., 3.83 points lower than in 2019.

Turnout in Catalonia as of 2:00 p.m. in Sunday’s general election was 36.78%, compared to 40.58% in the 2019 elections, which represents a decrease of 3.81 points, according to Interior Ministry data.

Specifically, as of 2:00 p.m., 1,634,078 people had voted, although 4.4% of Catalan voters had previously done so by mail.

In the demarcation of Barcelona, ​​the turnout was 37.06% of the electorate up to that time, 3.84 points lower than the previous election.

By province, the highest turnout was in Tarragona with 37.5%

By province, participation is 37% in Barcelona (40.9% in 2019); 34.7% in Girona (40.1% in 2019); 35% in Lleida (37.8% in 2019) and 37.5% in Tarragona (40.2% in 2019).

The general elections took place in 8,923 tables distributed in 2,668 schools in 947 municipalities in Catalonia.

By governorates, the distribution is 1,605 schools and 6,472 schools

Tables in Barcelona. 383 schools and 863 tables in Girona; 315 schools and 549 tables in Lleida; and 365 schools and 1,039 tables in Tarragona.

5,703,737 voters were called to the polls, distributed as follows: in the province of Barcelona, ​​4,243,485 are entitled to vote; In Girona, the distribution is 546,371; In Lleida it is 317,224, and in Tarragona it is 596,657.

Participation increased by 0.83% in Spain as a whole compared to 2019

On the other hand, the participation rate in the country increased at 2:00 pm to 38.75%, which represents an increase of 0.83% from what it was in 2019, when it reached 37.92% at the same time.

Participation increased in all communities, except for Cantabria, Catalonia, Madrid, Basque Country, Ceuta and Melilla.

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