Turol calls on ERC to take advantage of the “golden opportunity” and Sanchez to make a move

“Maybe there is no evil that does not come for good.” This is the phrase used by Jordi Turol, Secretary General of Juntz, to explain his party’s position Following the results of 23-J..

Turol, in an interview with world in RAC1, did not close the door to the possibility of Sanchez’s inauguration, and is waiting for the head of government to make a move. “The pressure should be on Sanchez, not on us.” Secretary Guntz urged the ERC to “take advantage” of the generals’ result and “strengthen the independence movement” by reconfiguring the “strategic unit”.

To “take advantage” of the result of 23-J

Torol asks the Egyptian Red Crescent and CUP a “strategic unit”


Turull (Junts): “I don’t see installation anywhere right now”

The former Juntz deputy outlined the way forward for his party in the coming days. Turol asserted that he would first speak to all the pro-independence forces and entities in an effort to confirm the “golden opportunity” that the ballot box had given him and after that they would “negotiate with the state if they are so willing”.

The leader of the Junts asserted that “as with Pedro Sánchez, I don’t see the inauguration anywhere now”, and he asked himself “what would Sánchez be willing to do to invest him”. Turol cited the amnesty and the referendum as “the subject of great consensus” in Catalonia. “If there is a political will, there is a legal solution,” he added.

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position keys

The pressure should be on Sanchez, not on us.

After the two main pro-independence forces tied for seats yesterday and lost 700,000 votes, Turol called on the ERC to “rearrange” and reach an agreement. “We put our position at the disposal of the independence movement,” he added. Thus, he claimed that “the strength of the independence movement lies in unity and mobilization,” and reminded that “we were united, we were stronger.” “If faces are a problem, we will choose the faces that are necessary to reach an agreement,” he stressed.

Turol also evaluated the results of yesterday’s general elections, and explained that the decline in the independence vote was due to the fact that, on the one hand, “many independents voted ‘no’ for PP and VOX, the vote of fear”, while on the other hand, some decided to “abstain”.

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