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The art of acting, regardless of whether they have many records or it is enough to show their personality, requires above all to give the characters credibility. Someone writes what the actors and actresses have to say and do, the director shapes their performances, but it’s they who have to seduce and impress the recipients, and endow the people they play with authenticity. political class He tries to sell the public a supposedly unbeatable product and assure that if they support them, the world and their lives will work out better. But most of these actors do it fatally, their gestures seem wrong or mechanical, they repeat identical slogans until the listener is exhausted, they are not genius or honest.

I imagine his continued existence It is profitable for televisionsAlthough they hide their petty fights under the pretense that they are carrying out a sacred social mission. And that is why, at election time, they should pause what they are most passionate about. In other words the disturbing events, the murder, the rape, the beating, the kidnapping, the blood feeding disease of the mass market. They also forget about the pink record, and control nothing. But they continue to make reasonable time for what confuses employees the most, which is the weather. Talk about the damned heat and whether it will give us temporary relief. This concern is real, as important as the state of our checking account. Televisions, in addition to discussions between leaders, also offer analyzes and gatherings of experts. And you know what almost everyone will tell you before they open their human mouths. And also how clear she is about the non-negotiable identity of the good guys and the bad guys.

I read two pages in this newspaper about The 10-day monitoring done by Dear Inigo Dominguez News from public television. Get rid of your two. I don’t want to imagine that ordeal.

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