Valencia activates the procedure to return the employee to the closed companies and hotels in the pandemic

The Valencia City Council has already activated the form and procedure on the website and in the online headquarters of the municipality so that shops and hotels that have been compulsorily closed and inactive during the months of confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic can request a refund of the economic funds. Activities Tax (IAE).

The city council calculates that it will have to give companies back an amount that fluctuates between €700,000 and €800,000, although the final figure will depend on the institutions that apply and meet the requirements.

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The Local Government Council agreed two weeks ago to initiate appropriate procedures to proceed with the recovery of the proportionate part of the fees of the participating experts in those cases where there has been a complete stoppage of industry, trade or economic activity and the relevant requirements are met.

The Finance and Participation Advisor, María José Ferrer San Segundo, declared that “the new municipal government of Mayor María José Catalla is fulfilling its obligations. This time with the merchants and hoteliers of Valencia. We also do it with respect to their problems, their sensitivity and their competence without subjecting them to the judicial and administrative pilgrimage that they were spend it.”

How do you request the action?

Being legal persons, applicants must request refunds of corresponding amounts electronically. To find out all the information, download the forms and submit the application, you can refer to the page a special banner is installed, or access the “one-click” section of the municipality’s website.

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