Valencia’s new vice-president demands that bullfighting stop being ‘Cinderella of culture’

Carrying briefcases, the new Vice President and Minister of Culture of the Valencian government, Vicente Barrera (Fox), made clear his intention to highlight and promote bullfighting, although he did not say how. In a brief speech after collecting powers from the hands of the two outgoing leaders, Barrera justified his past as a bullfighter.

“I come from the world of culture, from the world of art and my activism has been silenced, forgotten and ignored for many years, we have been the Cinderella of culture and for many years we have even been persecuted and abused by the administration itself, which had a duty to defend and support us,” Barrera criticized.

My activism has been silenced for many years, forgotten, ignored, and even persecuted for many years by management.

Vincent Barrera

Along these lines, after being assured that she would seek advice from her ancestors, she defended her commitment to “treating all cultures equally, without knowing or thinking where they came from”. Prior to his official appointment, Barrera praised on Twitter the Burriana City Council’s decision to opt out of magazines deemed “Catalan”.

In this regard, the Minister of Culture indicated this Thursday that “from Valencia we have to fight to promote the unique culture of our Valencian community and the unique culture that unites us with the rest of the Spaniards, which is the Spanish culture and no other that we love so much but which belongs to other independent communities.” “But he speaks Valencian here and there is a difference that we will highlight,” he said.

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Hector Sanjuan, Neos Navarro

Also involved in the transportation of the bags was the chief of general Carlos Mazón, who, when asked by journalists, confirmed that the world of bullfighting “could not be a little sister, because it was unfair during these years.” However, he did speak of culture as a sector

After transferring ministerial portfolios as First Vice President, Susana Camarrero, Second Vice President and Adviser for Equality, Social Services and Housing, made her speech an allegation against violence against women. She notes that she has been fighting against this “scourge that kills so many women” since 2004 (when she worked on the Comprehensive Protection Against Gender-Based Violence Act).

equality advisor

Camarrero acknowledges that more needs to be done to combat the “scourge of violence against women”.

Camarrero recognized that, in this area, “there is still a lot to be done,” starting with awareness and prevention. In this context, sources from the Ministry made it clear that although the resources allocated to the staff of the courts against violence against women correspond to justice (in the hands of Vox), it is the Ministry of Equality that draws the line on this subject. Some direct that the Minister, in his capacity as Secretary to the Council, shall mark the whole government on a matter which they consider to be “incidental” to all the policies of the Council. From the environment of the second deputy, they indicated that the line is clear, as she made it clear in her first speech, and that the People’s Party will not give an iota in this matter despite the hesitation that his partner in the government may show.

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The president of Corts Valencianas (Vox) moves away from the banner against sexual violence

In addition, Camarrero, a historic member of the People’s Party who made it to Valencia’s government after passing Les Corts, the Congress, the Senate and the government of Spain, chose to respect “the freedom to love whomever one chooses” and advance LGTBI+ people’s rights.

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