Verstappen and Red Bull are another story

the uncertainty of that Display the timed format for the first time right on time This weekend in Hungaryand that Lewis Hamilton fueled more with his first win first place In a year and a half he was reduced to rubble in just three seconds. That was the approximate time it took Max Verstappen to overtake the British Mercedes, which grappled like a traffic light and faltered at the worst imaginable moment. “Sorry, guys,” Hamilton apologized, almost immediately, over the radio. Without a Stevenage driver and a completely clear-eyed look, Verstappen agreed with those who wouldn’t let themselves get bogged down in Saturday’s rework and pointed to him, and he alone, as the favorite to win on Sunday.

With just 23 laps to go, the defending champion carved a large gap behind him enough to face the first visit to the workshops without losing control. from this moment, Mad Max He flew completely on his own, heading for his ninth win of the season, seventh in a row, and his record-breaking 44th in the service. For the rest, this is Red Bull’s 12th victory, the best streak in the competition’s history, and the 11th for an active team since the start of the World Cup. Should the Milton Keynes squad win again in Belgium, next week, they will surpass the record set by McLaren in 1988, that practice in which Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost synchronized under the same garage roof.

As soon as the first tire change was completed, the Dutchman disappeared, from the view of his rivals and also from that of the TV viewers, who had more fun in the various scuffles that took place in the middle of the peloton than the two-time champion Hasselt’s Somanta. In this sense, one of the most interesting games was the game of chess between the two McClarians, which has been revitalized recently and which repositions Woking’s structure as the second force on the grid. 15 days ago, Lando Norris’ rig, in Silverstone, left more than one with a face that stays with sea bass in the fridge. The performance delivered by the MCL60 on a different track is proof of the cotton that confirms that the Papaya cars have made a huge jump in quality since the start of the championship, the biggest rebound of all those seen so far. With dynamite under their asses, Norris and Oscar Piastri knocked Hamilton off the road before the first lap and were left at the mercy of the will of the strategists who steer one and the other off the wall.

In this situation, McLaren decided to bet on the British rather than do it on the Australian, who had seen how he made his team Four passes At the first stop to reverse positions. A success if we consider that Norris finished second while Piastri finished fifth after going from more to less, finally being swallowed up by Hamilton (fourth). The podium was completed by Checo Pérez, who held off six competitors on a climb that, if the test continued five more laps, would likely end in a new double for the red buffalo mark. The whimsical selection of vehicles Pirelli has provided for this Grand Prix has thrilled the last few turns that seemed endless to some and looped by to others.

Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line in eighth, while Fernando Alonso did so in ninth, a poor result for Aston Martin in one of the scenarios that, on paper, would have to favor the look of an AMR23 that little by little seems to be losing steam.

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