Vidal asks Nogueras to take responsibility and calls Turol’s remarks regrettable

Number one on Barcelona’s list from Sumar-En Comú podem just asked Junts to act responsibly. Aina Vidal understands that, in light of the results of the recent general elections in Catalonia, sovereign rulers cannot stop the formation of a new left-wing government, and that to do anything else is to ignore the will of the Catalans.

“I consider the recent statements made by Jordi Turol regrettable,” stressed Vidal in relation to the words of the general secretary of JxCat, who indicated this morning with a post-election hangover that “I don’t see the inauguration anywhere now.” In addition, Turole wanted to invite the ERC and the rest of the pro-independence forces to take advantage of the circumstances to ask common questions about amnesty and self-determination for the socialists.

“And I ask Miriam Nogueras to take responsibility – Vidal added – to think about what Catalonia is at stake at this time. In fact, I will tell her as soon as I have the chance. This Sunday, the Catalans voted for a government of progress. Their will is clear. We cannot give second chances to the right and the far right. We all understand what it means not to agree to the inauguration of Sanchez”.

The new script

“We cannot give the right and the far right a second chance,” the candidate highlights

The President of the Junts List in Barcelona declared already shortly after learning the results of this election that “we will not make Sanchez president for nothing”, also noting that they do not forget that at the last moment and thanks to the support of the commons, the socialist Jaume Collbni seized the mayoral office of Barcelona from the winner of the last municipal elections, the leader of the Junts Xavier Trias.

The Sumar-En comú podem candidate preferred not to explain how this scenario would affect the government of the Barcelona City Council. He merely stressed that “our votes cannot support right-wing mayors.”

Vidal, who had already sent the first messages to Gontes last night, insists that he regards the recent results of his training as very positive, which despite its failure to increase its representation in the Chamber of Deputies now stands as a second political force in Catalonia. “We have stopped the far right’s defeat,” she stressed with relief.

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