Video assistant referee in the debate: mockery and eloquent silence

Pedro Sanchez, Yolanda Diaz, and Santiago Abascal, this Wednesday, in the RTVE debate.Alvaro Garcia

On big occasions, Twitter acts like a moviola, VAR analyzing controversial plays. Discussion monopolized to four of which there were only three this Thursday list Popular topics On the social network: #debatefinalRTVE (564,000+ tweets); # apascal(661000); #yolanda (414,000); # yul(38000); #MarcialDorado (119,000); #AnaRosa (36,900); #Fachascal (5404); # Fortis (16500). Practically the only hackers in the Twitter conversation were #Barbie, who is showing a movie for the first time, and #Joao, the Atleti footballer who wants to play for Barcelona.

during the discussion, As is normal, each party cheered its candidate on social networks. “In the face of Figo’s 90-minute silence, Sanchez’s golden moment made it clear that the European Socialist Party has a project for Spain,” Finance Minister María Jesus Montero said on Twitter. Ernst Ortason, of SUMAR commented: “With proposals, power and ability to generate illusion, Yolanda Diaz is the clear winner tonight”. Vox spokesman Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros wrote: “The controversy has made it clear that in Spain only Santi Abascal remains to show his face in defense of common sense in the face of the debacle of the left.” Vox even tweeted a photo of a vehicle in which its captain was seen holding a small doll of Sanchez in his hand.

But there was also an eloquent resonant silence. In PSOE, from regional barons like Emiliano García Page or Javier Lambán: not a word about the discussion on their Twitter accounts. In the space to the left of the socialists, Podemos general secretary Ioni Pilara tweeted Diaz’s last minute and retweeted another message from Sumar. His predecessor, usually very talkative Pablo Iglesias, did not comment on his candidate interfering with his networks in the only debate in which he participated.

At PP they had to show that since Feijóo was not present, the TV appointment lacked interest. Strongly convincing, the audience’s opinions began to fall on Twitter after 90 minutes of contradictory suggestions on TVE and as a secondary or tertiary image. Senator Rafa Hernando confirmed at 00:57: “They told me that there was a discussion between the three hopefuls to lose the election.” And he added at 10 o’clock in the morning, in a subtle and sophisticated analysis: “Yesterday on TeleSanchez they organized a program as a debate against the People’s Party. They said it would be a bomb against Feijóo. He came out like an ass. The last blows of the sanchismo”.

Ana Rosa Quintana has found a spot on that list Popular topics To the comment that, looking into the camera, opened his show on Telecinco. “Did you see the debate? What is the discussion? “A couple was displaying honeymoon pictures of their cousin Absal, who was destroyed by a lot of sugar. Sanchez lacked bringing out the ring and demanding a vote for Sumar.” There was also no shortage of tweeters reminding him of audience statements for his show, which is far more succinct than the TVE debate.

From there, each one chose their favorite plays. The occasion was ripe for the spread of memes. Lots of them, explanations about what Feijóo, the great absentee, is going to do,Pre-recorded protagonist for discussion.

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