Voting by mail exceeded the previous high by more than 80%.

Correos reported that mail-in voting for 23-J had exceeded 81%, the highest number yet in the election, in the 2016 general election, and by over 98% compared to the last national election of 2019.

Of the more than 2,622,000 applications the Postal Service has received to vote by mail, 2,461,000 have been issued, according to the public entity. The conversion figure of 93.8% is another historic high in Spain’s general elections.

Another record

93.8% of citizens who requested to vote by mail have already cast their ballots

As announced by the Deputy Director of Operations of Correos, José Luis Alonso Nestal, currently, 93.8% of citizens who requested to vote by mail have already exercised their right to vote. The record-breaking feat was celebrated by the vice principal, who thanked his staff for the work they had done.

Normally the number of unreleased applications is around 8%, Nystal reports, but in this election, the number of unreleased applications is 6.2%.

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Nestl confirmed in an interview with the press that “the postmen will arrive on Sunday with all the votes in the ballot boxes.” In addition, she was “proud” of the actions Curious had taken.

Yesterday the Central Electoral Board extended the postal voting period until 2:00 p.m., which for the Deputy Postmaster General does not mean a “relevant increase” in votes. “On the eighteenth day, we finished the shipments. We had more than two days for the citizen to go and collect his votes,” Nestal added.

Correos also reports the deployment it will carry out on the 23rd, which will “involve more than 14,000 employees, as well as all the vehicles necessary for the submission of votes in polling stations throughout Spain”.

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