Vox deplores that the People’s Party’s “useless vote” campaign caused the bloc to lose five vital seats

At Vox they dedicated the post-election morning to Analyze in detail the results that last night They got rid of the ballot boxes and focused on the PP’s useful vote campaign for them. According to the calculations of the extreme right, he “lost” thousands of votes in five counties to the popular vote, which did not allow Fox to withdraw the deputies of the left.

For example, in Tarragona while Vox was about to win its first seat, but fell short of it with 2,500 votes, PP had 9,500 votes remaining. He criticizes the ultra-conservative formation “If 0.65% of the total electorate moved from the People’s Party to the Vox Party, separatism would have less representation and the sum of both else”.

In the national headquarters of the party, where joy over the past elections did not prevail last night, they did not criticize themselves for the results they obtained yesterday, which prompted the party to leave more than half a million votes and about twenty deputies along the way. As the presidential candidate, Santiago Abascal, did yesterday in an intervention before the media without allowing any questions, today Speaker Ignacio Garriga blamed his priority partner, his political opponents, the polling companies and the media for the collapse.

Among all these perpetrators, Garriga again singles out one with greater focus: the Popular Party for “taking the wrong opponent” during the election campaign. Abascal had previously warned during the closing of the electoral contest that the “ultimatum” against the government of Pedro Sanchez had been lowered after Alberto Núñez Figo presented five official charters to the head of government to avoid a hypothetical alliance with the far right. but, above all, to appeal to the useful suffrage of the people, which has at last become, as they condemn, a “useless vote”. Garica criticized: “It was only beneficial to Sanchez and harmful to Spain.”

Vox General Secretary during his press conference


At Vox, they identified five counties where this allegedly advantageous vote “damaged” the final sum with the popular party. They maintain that the clearest case was in Albacete, where Vox lacked 1,200 votes to win the last seat—which was in contention with the PSOE—, while the People’s Party “has 12,000 votes remaining” which did not serve it to win another seat.

Something similar, they warn, happened in Seville, where he won a seat and lost the second to Somar by 7,000 votes. Meanwhile, the popular votes in this Andalusian province received more than 55,000 votes, which “were not translated into new seats.” Similar cases occurred in Burgos and the Balearic Islands.

Partido Popular, Vox, UPN and Coalición Canarias have a combined total of 171 seats. If the seats that Vox denounced as having lost to the advantageous vote campaign were added to these, the total of the Whig bloc could reach 176 MPs. “There was not a problem of a lack of votes, but rather a problem of poor improvement of the votes assigned to the PP-Vox block,” they say.

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