Vox is holding its breath in fear of the People’s Party’s beneficial voting strategy

The far right is closing the campaign with the same goal it started: to be decisive in forming the next central government. But although at the beginning of the electoral race they let themselves be carried away by the good results obtained in the municipal and regional elections, in Vox they saw themselves with a vice-president – and an occasional ministry – in a virtual government along with the Popular Party, now expectations have fallen, according to sources from the party, because of the fear that the strategy pursued by the Popular Parties, with which the beneficial vote will resume.

The far right dreams of repeating the night of the last general election, when they stormed Congress as a third political force. On that evening in November 2019, Fox received 3.6 million votes, with 15.1% of the vote, which translated to 52 MPs. However, none of the surveys and polls give you such results. On the contrary, the latest published forecasts – which Vox says they don’t believe – reflect that the floor could drop below 40 seats, contesting third place with Soumar.

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After a harsh campaign against Sánchez’s policies, the Ultras hope to be decisive

And this is where the fears from Vox headquarters come in: a sharp drop due to the flight of beneficial votes to the Popular Party could render it irrelevant if Alberto Núñez Figo manages to get more seats than all the progressive forces combined. This means that the far right’s “yes” is unnecessary in a second electoral vote.

There are other voices in the party confident that, as on previous occasions, the elections will fail again, based on the influx of refugees into the rallies, as the ultras once again filled the places with a campaign based on the abolition of all policies published by the government of Pedro Sánchez.

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