Vox was left without being able to lodge an appeal with the Constitutional Court or petition for censure alone

Fox, after his fall in the general elections From this Sunday 19 seats stay at 33, You will no longer be able to file appeals to the Constitutional Court or file censure petitions alone. To do this, he would need the support of another political group if he intends to do so in the next legislature, where at least 50 deputies are needed for appeals to the Constitutional Court, 50 and 35 for no-confidence.

During the previous legislature, Vox, with 52 deputies, filed nearly fifty appeals to the aforementioned court against various laws passed by the government of Pedro Sánchez, including the law known as the ‘transit law’, the law of ‘only if yes’ or the abolition of the offense of sedition and the limitation of embezzlement.

Regarding motions of censure, this formation has, in the last legislature, presented two, one in October 2020 with Santiago Abascal as a candidate and the other in March of this year with Professor Ramon Tamames.

Vegas Elections that failed again, indicated that the right-wing bloc (PP plus Vox) could form a government. Leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, He will try to form the government and ask the other parties They do not prevent Spain. PSOE, for its part, He did the audit As an electoral victory, although assuming that a complex scenario opens up.

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