What does Pablo Casado think?

Alberto Nunez Figo and Pablo Casado at the PP National Convention in April 2022.Julio Munoz (EFE)

Like the rest of the candidates, Alberto Núñez Figo is dedicated to his work recent parades To frustrate the undecided, those people who like to live in the abyss and leave everything – even voting – to the last moment. Since he was then, he also asked for a vote for the 15-M, for the disillusioned socialists, for all those whom the left had removed from their lists to “grow”. Esteban González Pons introduces him as one of those unexpected heroes who appear at the end of the film to save humanity from the virus, from the meteorite, from the world war: “You left everything when we told you we needed you. You jumped to save a toy that was in free fall. You gave the best part of your life…”. Said’s party, the People’s Party, was led by the first elected leader in the primaries, Overthrown in the Long Night of the Long Knives in Genoa, 13.

Indeed, Feijóo did not drop everything once they told him they needed him. The first time, after Mariano Rajoy announced his withdrawal from the cadastre following a motion of no confidence in 2018, he looked the other way and said with tears in his eyes: “For me, being the president of Galicia is my greatest political ambition. I cannot fail the Galicians because I will fail. Politics goes beyond the air bridge between Barcelona and Madrid.” Those pumpkins – because of the war of succession they defended – did not get along well with the party and more than one leader hung, if the picket had nothing to do with the name that appeared again these days: Marcial Dorado, the delinquent friend –He was just a smuggler when I met him, Galician came to say Friday-. He went to the second, under the pretext of open confrontation with Isabel Diaz Ayuso and The growing, already uncontrollable, hatred of the People’s Party against its Secretary-General, Teodoro García Egea, when Feijóo “dropped everything” to go to the capital.

Prior to that, for several months, he had been embodying the role of the man in the middle, the mild-mannered manager who from time to time, like those friendly walkers who help you stand up, Signals to his party to take revenge, back to the middle. Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo—redeemed by politics and later dismissed by Casado—was going through Congress, and Viejo was coming out to say some shows in the room should be avoided. The Labor leader was very close to Vox’s speech, and the Galician president stepped in to say that be careful, this was not the appropriate strategy: “We couldn’t tell people that the People’s Party had nothing to do with Vox. Sometimes we made a detour that looked like we were going to set up a government with Vox and that worried a lot of people…”.

Unlike other exes, Casado wasn’t present on the campaign, but one wonders what’s going on in his head these days. He had two worst election results since he called PP, but he never jumped.”Messenger of the extreme center – as former Minister Margallo calls Feijóo – he normalized the presence of the far right in the institutions: the bilateral government of Castilla y León – who did not veto as leader in picture Junta de Extremadura, the Generalitat Valenciana, and the central government if they needed a ‘yes’ from Abascal – “it would make sense”. Opinion polls never give that leader elected in the primaries a prediction of the seats they now award to Vigo, but his last supporters maintain that it was under Casado when the bear hug of Ciudadanos happened; They explained that when he reached the Genoese noble floor, the People’s Party was third in the polls, that he had managed to recover and that the outlook was very good for the party until it happened. vote on reform work, that he had proceeded with the wrong vote of a deputy of his rank and that would have otherwise led to the resignation of the Minister of Labor and now Sumar’s candidate, Yolanda Díaz. They also remember that it was Casado who spoke The toughest speech yet by any party leader against Vox, In the far-right’s first censure motion against Sanchez: “We don’t want to be like you. The alternative is not built by reciting the exploits of war and riding an army of trolls. We say no to this anti-Spanish brutality that they are nurturing with this cruel policy…”.

It was also Casado who put Isabel Diaz Ayuso as a candidate – in a decision that was heavily criticized internally due to her inexperience -. Carlos Mazon in the Valencian Community – he is the current president -; José Luis Martínez Almeida for Mayor of Madrid – who is the Mayor – and María José Catalla for Valencia – who is the Mayor -. Aznar, who introduced her in the most enthusiastic way –“He’s a leader like a castle.”– He now denies the man who reopened the door to Genoa, 13, after the party did not invite him to the initial congress because of the “contempt” with which he treated shortcuts. And his successor, who periodically berated him from Galicia for tilting the party to the right and becoming too close to Abascal and his rhetoric, might be the man to make a political vice president of the far right. What is going on in Casado’s head? Maybe something along the lines of who saw you and who sees you.

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