What is a woman, what is the debate about, who we are and where we are going

The first entry corresponds to it to Santiago Abascal, Vox filter, which he dedicated to saying what will happen in conversation. Candidates on the left will present statements and more statements, they will accuse him of terrible things, they will interrupt him and he will announce the facts, namely: Pedro Sanchez spent four years blowing up dams, as if he is a heavy-handed. thirsty. Since he can’t guess what happened in the past, like when he accused a Moorish man of a murder in Madrid committed by a Spaniard (he blamed him for that) Yolanda Diaz), I decided to guess the future. Serve it in the first few minutes. With every interjection by another candidate, he replied: “What I said, what I said.” As if the Real Madrid coach announces that Barcelona will score five and arrive at the press conference, after a 5-0 tie, putting away the medals.

The discussion was extraordinary Due to the absence of Alberto Núñez Fijo, candidate of the People’s Party, which Abascal, who also distributed it, defended him a little: he decided not to come, so no one could mess with him; If he did not campaign, he could not be appointed either; He’s the favorite in the polls but if that’s not the case, please leave him alone. It was also an uncomfortable debate as a debate: two partners from one bloc against a minority partner from the other bloc who says things like the atmosphere has no limits, as if he’s thinking of putting up one and asking for papers. But it did fix parking and gathering during peak times; It was, in fact, a recent demonstration, with the antagonists across the stage. Exceptional, by the way, RTVE. Without your organization and without Abascal’s decision to attend, we wouldn’t talk about anything; Like now, but less.

Sanchez and Diaz without Feijóo had plenty of time throughout. “What are we going to do with those seconds?” asked Fortis. They almost shrugged. “You speak, Yolanda”, “Go, Pedro”. The two had the usual friction controlled as in biscuitMatches were rigged to be a draw in which one attacks a bit for what they’re going to say (“I put my feet on the ground”; “Me, too,” said Sanchez, “Do you want a kiwi? And a persimmon? And half a kiwi and half a persimmon?”).

There was a particularly funny moment, however, when Abascal delivered a memorable monologue to his exclusion repair work. Beldu votes for her, a party that wants to destroy Spain, so they vote against because there is nothing to share with Beldu. “Mr. Abascal, Beldo voted with you against labor reform,” said Yolanda Diaz, steadier, more agitated, and much more profitable. Abascal smiled slightly, like, “I didn’t really expect this in my first speech,” and late in the discussion it became clear what had happened: That day he was so focused on looking up crimes committed by immigrants on his cell phone, he didn’t pay attention to who he voted for or against.

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“What is a woman to you?” the Vox leader asked next. Neither Sanchez nor Diaz answered him. Diaz shot him: “And for you?” But Abascal asked first and stuck to it. Total, none of the three knew how to say what a woman was to them. As if the question was hot potato.

Of the far right, they set themselves insistently on the table, the passing law And the law Yes only. Neither Diaz nor Sanchez defended them vigorously, rather it would be said that they were a little uncomfortable, in such a way that at that moment, for a few seconds, Abascal managed to add something else to Figo’s absence: the absence of Irene Montero. .

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