When will the final official results of the general elections be released?

Election day ended on the 23rd and provisional results began to come in, but the final results will not be published until days later. On election night, the preliminary results are known, which usually do not differ from those obtained after the scrutiny carried out in the polling stations and presented by the electoral councils. However, these are not considered official. The law requires a later recount of votes to verify and provide greater security for the election.

The final scrutiny is carried out on the third day after the vote by the electoral councils and must end no later than the sixth day after the election. It is a unique and general work. Once the final results are in, the Electoral Board will proceed to announce the elected and publish these results in the State Official Gazette (BOE) within a period not exceeding 40 days, as specified in the electoral calendar.

The Electoral Council verifies the counting process and the total number of votes

Before starting the audit, the relevant board will form a table for counting the votes of CERA registrants. The President will insert the voting envelopes received up to then into the ballot box and the Secretary will note the names of the voters on the list. Then, the Board of Directors will screen the votes and incorporate them into the rest of the results.

With the envelopes opened that will be delivered to the courts at the end of the day, the auditing session will begin. The council will confine itself to verifying the count and the total number of votes in the tables according to the minutes. You cannot cancel an action or vote. If there is a material error, it will be corrected. The audit work, which cannot be interrupted, must be completed before the eighth day after the election. The council counts the votes and includes the results in the final audit.

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