Women’s rights are at stake

Feminism, understood as the struggle for equality between men and women, is an essential component of the democratic quality of society. It is a transformative movement that advances women’s rights by dismantling the social structure of male domination over women. It doesn’t hurt to remember what feminism is in a political and electoral context where there is a threat of rolling back women’s rights if Vox, an anti-feminist party, influences governance.

Equality has been one of the core debates of this legislature and the electoral programs depict the ideology of the debate that will characterize the vote. Clear bets on the left in the face of pending progress, the broad common denominator to address violence against women. And the Great Threat except for Vox. Their proposals are humiliating, starting with the repeal of the Anti-Violence Against Women Act. His intention is to abolish equality policies.

Distribution of care is firmly embedded in programs as a focus of true equality

PSOE and Sumar open their programs braiding equality and economy. The socialist program states that “without economic independence women cannot have an independent life.” The burden of care that still falls on women, and thus burdens their economies, opens the way for various proposals, from extending maternity leave to 20 weeks, paid leave for care, or generalizing education between 0 and 3 years. Improving the economy speaks of true equality.

Yolanda Díaz’s training proposes making working hours more flexible, gradually reducing the working day and focusing on the sectors that are more feminine and unstable. There is a consensus between the two parties – the popular party as well – in extending permits to single-parent families, and popular families also focus on large families.

On the left, there are differences in defining feminism. Sumar speaks of 99% feminism, which is defined as the transcendence of gender equality and includes gender, class, race, and sexual orientation. Identity feminism that has caused deep divisions on the left over trans law.

Ending violence against women is an essential part of the platform for all parties except for Vox. Pressure from the far-right party to overturn equality policies in those autonomous regions in which the government had awarded the People’s Party prompted Albert Núñez Viejo’s party to expand its platform and dispel doubts. Popular figures stress the need to prevent violence against minors, strengthen deportation measures or reform the basic law of the judiciary so that such crimes are referred to courts for violence against women.

The Congress party is holding tight within the consensus framework of the state’s pact against gender violence, and is trying to protect a message to voters against potential agreements with Vox.

Instead, they are looking at the abortion law, as they want to restore paternity leave for 16- and 17-year-old girls. They propose a law against sexual exploitation. It has also been raised towards a profound modification of the passing law. A program in which the word “feminist” does not appear.

The PSOE details measures taken to try to deal with sexual violence – 29 women have been killed this year – and proposes assistance to orphans up to the age of 26. It also focuses, among many other issues, on sexual violence in the rural world.

The Socialists advocate the abolition of prostitution and focus their proposal on developing an anti-trafficking law. In this context, to combat the objectification of women, the control of agencies that promote surrogacy and pornography – considered a gateway to sexual violence – among minors on the Internet is called for. An initiative found in many programmes.

Equality takes place in several chapters in the programs of left-wing formations, a transversal commitment that Yolanda Diaz wants to develop by creating the position of Vice President for Feminism and Welfare.

In turn, Vox proposes to get rid of the Ministry of Equality, in addition to repealing the aforementioned Gender Violence Act – they deny its existence – they also want to bury abortion, because only yes is yes … that is, to end what is understood as different fronts of the struggle for equality.

From Catalonia, the ERC follows the left line in the fight against violence against women. It places particular emphasis on advocating for women in precarious jobs, such as domestic workers. JxCat also focuses on the need for joint liability law and conciliation on equal pay. Regarding violence against women, she is committed to the constant accompaniment of the victim.

Real equality between men and women still needs a strong push from institutions. The political context prior to the far-right’s potential accession to real power necessitates a deep reflection on the threat to women’s rights. Progress is quick costs and setbacks.

Program points


PSOEGoing deeper into combating sexual violence with a bigger budget. Proposes a law to combat trafficking and control of pornography and minors. and equal pay initiatives.


s. Making progress in combating sexual violence and ensuring the protection of victims. In the abortion law, they want to return to the fact that minors under the age of 16 and 17 need their parents’ consent.


FoxThe goal is to abolish any policy of equality: the Violence Against Women Act, the Abortion Act, the Yes Only the Yes Act, the Equality Act … They are also committed to the abolition of ministry and “quotas”.


summer. It proposes to raise the minimum wage and combat the precarious employment of women. Bet on reducing the working day for the sake of equality. Defend Charter Protection Against Violence.


ERCHe advocates for increasing the budget against violence against women and expanding the law. It also calls for a law on the use of time, as well as guaranteeing the rights of domestic workers.


JxCAT He advocates for increasing the budget against violence against women and expanding the law. It also calls for a law on the use of time, as well as guaranteeing the rights of domestic workers.

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