Worth opening in the European Code, by José María LaSalle

Feijóo won the election 23-J, but was not convinced. It returned to the PP where Rajoy left it in 2016 and stopped the catastrophe of 2019, but it lacked a sufficient majority that would have neutralized the blockade we are heading into. And what happened until you did not reach the junction of representatives 150-160 deputies?

that many of the people who would have voted for him hesitated, found reasons to think about it and decided not to. A circumstance that coincided with the activation of the Socialist Workers’ Party vote which assumed that seeing Vox in coalition government with the People’s Party was an unacceptable intellectual and moral setback. A risk that justifies putting his foot up against the wall in the face of intolerance that can permeate the LGTBI community, feminism, creative freedom, or multilingualism in our country.

Popular Party candidate Alberto Núñez Figo.

Oscar del Pozo/AFP

Something went wrong in the communications that led to the retreat of a portion of centrist voters who defend the liberal foundations that morally define 21st-century democracy. A voter who stayed home or returned to the Socialist Workers Party, even if he was not convinced of this option. The annoying policy of independent agreements pursued with Vox in the preceding weeks undoubtedly contributed to this. A factor that sowed doubts in the confidence that they did not know how to clarify it and hindered the necessary push for Vigo to achieve the sufficient majority required since AD ​​28.

Feijóo must use the opportunity to prove that we are an asset of stability to Europe

In this situation, what can the People’s Party do to counter the majority leadership obtained in the elections? From the outset, assume critically that you have to work to defuse the mistakes and doubts that got you here. Something essential in front of public opinion, which has not been published, and who can again become a voter if the strategy that prevents going to the polls again does not work. This is where Feijóo has to work. In showing that Spain will not miss the opportunity to prove that we are at this time a source of stability when Europe needs a critical mass of countries with moderate governments.

It happens because Europe doesn’t see how we squander our current presidency over a state of siege, or because PSOE and Sumar are trying to create a cubic Frankenstein government, it happens because someone gives it life with a pro-independence remote control from Waterloo. Therefore, Feijóo has to convince Sánchez that they both have to fulfill Spain’s obligations to Europe. This means that Spain must prove with facts that we are a source of stability for Europe in the face of the European elections of 2024. For this reason, Vigo must give the Spanish Socialist Party the vision of being a necessary minority to overturn the ban on forming a government of the People’s Party alone. Something that the popular candidate for prime minister must deserve and be translated into a charter that expands the number of articles he signed in the famous televised debate organized by the two leaders.

It will not be easy, but the only real chance of unblocking is for the People’s Party government to agree with the Socialists on a Spanish agenda aligned with the European one that we can lead as a country after 2024. This means that the People’s Party and the Socialist Socialist Party will, in addition to the state parties, be European parties and that their leaders will be able to sacrifice their national interests in favor of other superior interests. Something that would put us in the first division, and perhaps put a Spaniard at the head of the committee in 2024 called Pedro Sanchez.

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