Yolanda Diaz asks for a vote in Barcelona to stop Vox from “setting Catalonia on fire”

Soumar candidate Yolanda Diaz came to Catalonia yesterday to demand that the Catalans vote for a “state of plurinational states”, and against the allegations of the far right, which, as stated by the presidential candidate, is ready to exacerbate the situation. The situation in Catalonia. “We will not allow Vox to set Catalonia on fire, so go out and vote for Sumar,” he claimed.

At a huge event held at La Farga de L’Hospitalet, which brought together more than 2,000 people, Yolanda Díaz, accompanied by her loyal Catalan allies from En Comú Podem, led by former mayor Ada Colau and Barcelona’s candidate, Aina Vidal, was among an all-female crew. The candidate made an appeal in favor of the diversity of Spain, its plurality of nationalities, for example, in the various languages ​​spoken in the country. “A country of countries, is what we are. Galician, Catalan and Valencian, diverse people, multinational country and it should be more than ever,” he said.

The candidate demanded the right to “speak the language we want” in contrast to the disputes that have arisen in recent weeks as a result of agreements between PP and Vox in autonomous communities such as Valencia, Extremadura or the Balearic Islands. He claimed “They ban plays and comics in Catalan… Go out and vote for diversity in our country” because “Spain is better, we earn more when we are diverse”.

Political agreement “You Catalans will vote”

Diaz asked the Catalans to “focus” the vote on Sumar because “only by having a strong Sumar can we put Vox in opposition”. Here he warned of the threat, declared by Santiago Abascal, represented by the far right of Catalonia. “We will not allow the gentlemen of Vox to set Catalonia on fire,” she asserted, and was convinced that between her party and Vox, “the Catalans are leaning towards Sumar.”

The candidate reiterated her commitment to dialogue between governments capable of “doing something great,” and “reaching a final agreement for the Catalans and something else,” she said. “When we have an agreement, you will. Catalans to vote.” In this way, the presidential candidate strengthened her commitment to dialogue aware of the campaign without commitment to the self-determination referendum, but only to endorse the agreement that emerges from the dialogue table that is in a state of hibernation.

Feijóo is having a bad week

Yolanda Diaz declared herself the winner of Wednesday’s RVTE debate and decried the way the Vox leader had to talk her out. But he also warned that things are “not going well” for the candidate of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo this week, as his absence in this debate has something to do with it. As he said, Figo “only knows how to do one thing in politics, lie and lie and lie” and “had a bad week”, so they “will lose the election”. He reiterated, “They are nervous, they thought they would be swept away and that things were not going well for them, and they would lose the elections.”

Ada Colao newspaper claims to serve Yolanda Diaz

For her part, the former mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colao, highlighted the importance of the 48 deputies elected in Catalonia in these elections, and explained why Sumar was chosen, in her opinion, within the progressive bloc. Colau claimed that when the SWP defends coalition government management, it always refers to “all the laws promoted by Yolanda Diaz and our political space,” including amnesty, the dialogue table, penal code reform, reform work, and policies in favor of women, from the LGTBI group Collective, “PSOE claims everything and I celebrate it, but it’s all thanks to our existence,” he said.

A claim in favor of the women of Al-Bayash

The chair of the En Comú Podem parliamentary group, Jéssica Albiach, made an appeal in favor of women, of all types, from grandmothers, mothers, workers, those exploited by the mafia, those suffering from all kinds of violence and harassment, bisexuals and stigmatized. Lesbians, trans women said, “They are women, let it be clear.” For all of them, Albiash demanded to vote for Sumar. Even “For all the Galician mothers who faced the drug trafficker who was destroying the lives of their children while Viejo was sailing with him,” he said, referring to the PP candidate’s relationship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado.

Barcelona’s candidate, Aina Vidal, explained that Pedro Sanchez could not win without Yolanda Diaz and that they had a heavy responsibility “which is to win”. “The right will not win if we go to vote,” she declared, but he threw the weight of the Catalan Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, to Rodalis: “It is a pity that we had the first Catalan Minister of Public Works and she was so capricious. It was Rodalis, Madam Minister!” I protested.

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