Yolanda Diaz concludes the campaign in Madrid convinced to reissue the Alliance

“Everything has changed this week, everything has changed,” Soumar presidential candidate Yolanda Diaz said this Friday during an act with cultural figures — she was seconded by Bob Bob, Carlos Bardem, Marisa Paredes, Chus Gutierrez and Pedro Almodóvar, among others — hours before the campaign wraps up. bis. , who claimed not to talk from Hamas, but “with data.”

Fueled by the change in mood this week was the vice-president’s conviction, which has been an ordeal for PP candidate Alberto Núñez Figo due to setbacks in interviews, reissues of scandal about his close relationship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado and his absence from the TVE debate, whose audience data revealed voters still hadn’t taken into account the feud. In Soumar’s headquarters, the good performance of Díaz during that debate and the succession of mistakes by Núñez Viejo consecrate the evolution of the campaign that went from least to most and that reached its conclusions at the best moment for its candidate.

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The key to composition lies in its distribution by constituencies

For Sumar, a sign of Diaz’s impressive performance in the last phase of the campaign are the warnings launched by the People’s Party against the vice president, starting with Núñez Viejo’s comment on Diaz’s “make-up” and, above all, by the last-minute editorial launched by the FAES, chaired by José María Aznar, in which Sumar’s candidate is accused of neo-fashion. . “

The numbers that are dealt with tracking The last minute, despite the fact that the polls cannot be made public, remains in scenarios projected since before the campaign began – between 3 million and 3.5 million votes – but develops on the upside of the crossroads. The key for Soumar is not in the number of votes, but in their distribution by constituencies, but the platform hopes to match the 35 seats the political space won in 2019.

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