Yolanda Díaz pulls the data to disentangle Abascal and gain spots in the battle for third place

Yolanda Diaz used data and context on Wednesday to attempt to undress over and over the rhetoric of far-right candidate, Santiago Abascal. in The discussion is burdened by absence From the head of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, the head of the Workers’ Party and the second vice-president to confront the leader of Vox sought positions in the struggle for third place, which is necessary to tip the balance next Sunday. Soumar considered tonight’s discussion of RTVE “key” to changing the pinned story on the Right’s victory at 23-J but above all, to narrowing the margin with the formation of the Ultra. With a speech also focused on explaining her programme, in which the vice president avoided a direct confrontation with PSOE General Secretary Pedro Sánchez but sought to distinguish herself with her proposals, Díaz insisted on bringing Feijóo into the debate from the start, referring to him as “the person he represents today.” Mr. Abascal,” the leader of Vox, and even ended up being featured Relationship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado.

The mention of Feijóo and drugs already in the last block, dedicated to the politics of the charters, angered the head of the far-right formation, who entered the rag in protest at the accusation against someone who was not “present”. The leader of SUMAR, who had been supplied with data from its first intervention in the department focused on the economy, quickly responded to Abascal, when he stated that Bildo had supported labor reform, the star law of the department led by Díaz, but that this formation, he pointed out, “wants Spain [a la] Let it go wrong.” “Bildow voted with you against labor reform,” replied the vice president, “find out.”

Bombings on Abascal were repeated throughout the debate, as well as in the social policy block, where despite Fox’s attempts to focus on the controversies passing law And yeah just yeah, The Sumar leader showed a picture of two Vox deputies in Valencia “laughing during a minute’s silence” over the killing of a woman, she said. “Enough, stop laughing at us,” Diaz asked sternly.

Although he was in a different tone and despite the harmony between the two, Sanchez (“Pedro”, the vice-president was referring to him) also wanted to mark some “red lines”: in the debate about raising the retirement age that the PSOE had opened The door, carry out in-depth tax reform, and create new policies that ensure housing is a “right.”

At Soumar’s headquarters, where fifty supporters and members of the campaign team watched the face-to-face confrontation with interest, the discussion ended with a cry of “Chief, Chief!”. Before that, applause after each intervention and also timid support for the socialist candidate. Sources from the Left Coalition admitted they were satisfied before the formula ended, seeing Diaz as “at ease” and with all the issues “in her head”. “It is Yolanda who pulls the block and he who makes progressive government possible. He who sets the course for the future,” estimated the leader of the Más País, ñigo Errejón, in the midst of face-to-face communication on the networks. Among those in attendance are Madrid’s number three, Tisch Sidi, and number six, Carlos Martin. and feminist spokeswoman Elizabeth Duvall. Diaz’s chief of staff, Josep Vendrell; and many of his team. said the candidate with a microphone in her hand as soon as she arrived at the headquarters in Madrid’s Espacio Lara. “Yolanda won the debate. Erekhon stated, “The government can only be won with Yolanda.”

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