Young independents vandalize the headquarters of PSC, PP and Vox in Barcelona

Several members of the pro-independence youth platform Patek vandalized the facades of the headquarters of the PSC, the headquarters of the Catalan PP and Vox with graffiti on Saturday, in an act of protest on the day of reflection before the general elections in which they wanted to make their demands clear, namely the need to “stand up to the Spanish state”.

The pro-independence youth group announced its activity at the party’s headquarters with videos on social networks in which two activists were seen decorating the facades of the formations’ headquarters in Barcelona with paint.

As they explain themselves, the action is part of the “We paint our faces in Spain” campaign, which aims to denounce and fight the “repression of the ’78 regime”, the “danger” of the far-right of Vox and the “political and judicial persecution” of the independence movement.

Patek states that these measures are part of the response to the various cases of infiltration of the National Police into the independence and social movements, such as the last known case in Girona revealed by “La Directa”.

“The Spanish state persecutes us, imprisons us, and spies on us, and we will not stand idly by,” the activists said in a statement. “We call on the youth and society in general to respond to the existing repression and what will come with the possible government of the People’s Party and the Vox.”

In one of the videos released, two spokespeople for the platform asserted that social movements were still suffering from the “heavy hand” of Spain and decried that the right to freedom of expression and self-determination was “suppressed”.

In the video statement, they hold PP and PSOE responsible for the “repression” and warn of the “desolate” context of the far right gaining ground. For all this, they demand the crowd to “point” to the parties that in recent months have “attempted and persecuted” and “infiltrated” the life of the independence movement.

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